Useful Tips for Winning Government Contractor Jobs

government contractor jobs

Is landing a government contract a goal of your business?

What if we told you it can be done — even if you run a small business that hasn’t won a contract in the past? There is a lot of information out there about how to make it happen, so we’ve boiled down a few key points that can help your business grow by landing the right contract.

Federal and local governments buy close to $500 billion annually from large and small businesses. It makes good sense to court some of this money as a small business — in fact, some small companies have grown considerable after winning a government contract.

However, as you can imagine, the competition for these contracts is fierce. To increase your odds of being awarded a contract, your business needs to set itself apart from its competitors.

Here are tips for readying your small business to pursue government contractor jobs.

Draft a Polished Capability Statement

One way to help effectively market your business when seeking a government contract is by drafting a capability statement. A well-prepared capability statement will outline your company’s data, services offered, differentiators, core competencies, and past performance.

Your statement should be professionally put-together, polished, and in line with your branding. Make sure it’s extremely accurate — never inflate your past performances or imply that you could take on a larger contract than you’d actually feel confident being awarded.

Self-register with the System for Award Management

You’ll need to be sure your company is registered in the System for Award Management (or SAM). SAM functions as contractor database, so to be eligible to bid on government contracts, you’ll need to have up-to-date information in the database.

Registering your business with SAM is free, but it can be time-consuming. Make sure your information is in SAM and up-to-date well before you are ready to take on any bidding.

Determine which Government Agency You Wish To Work With and Speak with a PCR

A PCR is a procurement center representative. Once you’ve narrowed down the government agency for which you hope to bid, you’ll need to be in touch with that agency’s PCR. They will act as a liaison as you prepare your bidding proposal.

Start the Proposal Process Early, and Draft the Proposal Well

To win a government contract, your work needs to begin before the Request For Proposal is published. Many government contracts begin with pre-bid and pre-proposal meetings. Attend these meetings and network with your potential customers. This will help instill in them confidence that your business is able to handle their contract.

Once you do begin your proposal, consider every angle and point made in the RFP. Take a fine tooth comb to it — and then do it all again. There is no room for error on this.

Make sure your proposal clearly highlights what sets your company apart. Include information about your proprietary techniques, easy-to-read performance data, and statistical analysis. Leave emotions out — emotions aren’t quantifiable. Data are.

Win More Government Contractor Jobs

Winning government contractor jobs is no easy feat. It will take time, money, manpower, and dedication. But it can be done, even by a small business that has never won a contract before.

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