Small Business Guide: How to Find Government Contract Opportunities

government contract opportunities

Competing for government contract opportunities against large organizations and firms may seem impossible. Between resources and regulations, there is an intimidation when pitching proposals.

Here’s the thing: The U.S. government relies on contractors.

The government spends nearly $500 billion fulfilling its needs. This makes them one of the largest customers in the world. Landing a fraction of these contracts can net incredible revenue and profits.

The question isn’t whether the opportunity is there for the taking. The real question is how to get government contracts. Keep reading to learn what’s needed from your business and where to find listings.

Government Contract Requirements: Overview

The government may list contracts but your business can’t waltz in and claim the contract. A small business must adhere to several regulations, first.

A few requirements to government contracting include:

  • Having a DUNS number
  • Match your NAICS code
  • Be the right sized business
  • Get listed in the SAM database

…and follow federal laws and SME guidelines.

Consider using this opportunity to set up for compliance. Else, seek compliance services guiding your business into this new market segment.

Where to Find Government Contract Opportunities (as a Small Business)

The official FedBizOps website is the typical process of finding government contracts. Yet, the website is a rather clunky, outdated portal with a steep learning curve. You’ll likely spend more time navigating the site than pitching.

A second option involves courting government officials. Building a relationship with local officials can provide a foot-in-the-door opportunity. Yet, these relationships can take ages to form.

Your three best options become:

  • Procurement databases
  • Smaller, federal agencies
  • Subcontractor arrangements

These three leverage strong relationships created with government officials.

Procurement Services

Procurement services, like TendersPage, compiles contract listings in an easy-to-understand format. These services remove redundancy when sourcing contract opportunities and crafting proposals.

Services and tools may include:

  • Extensive filtering
  • User roles
  • Document access

Those using these platforms has essential data needed when writing successful proposals. The platform may also include tailored services and training. The services and training remove the learning curve found in govt systems.

Federal Agencies

An OSBP (Office for Small Business Programs) operates at most federal agencies. The OSBP handles teaching SME’s how to comply and bid on government contracts. Business owners can attend OSBP events for networking, too.

Search for an agency + OSBP to discover contact details on their associated sites. The sites list what you’ll need moving forward.


A business could leverage subcontracting to land contracting opportunities once they’ve established trust. The subcontracting business requires compliance as expected, but hold fewer responsibilities in reporting. The primary contractor manages operations giving SME’s great exposure to future opportunities.

The SBA created the SubNet portal for SME’s seeking subcontracting positions.

You’re a Single Click Away to Federal BizOpps

There are tens of thousands of new government contract opportunities published daily. Sorting through them would become a job of its own! We created Tenderspage as an easy-to-use resource when sourcing govt contracts.

Search for your business type, products, or services on our site. You’ll find an endless stream of new opportunities! Give us a try and find which public procurement package is right for you.

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