Pitch Deck Design Advice for Winning Government Contracts

pitch deck design
pitch deck design

Did you know the US government agreed to spend over $260 billion with its top 10 contractors last year? This amount represents only a small sample of the opportunities available for companies who are interested in federal contracting.

But even if you have the RFP process down pat, it’s important to master pitch deck design to bring those contracts home. Just like with commercial bids, closing is an essential part of the sales cycle.

A great proposal will get you to the table. Great pitch deck design will close the deal if done properly.

Make sure you’re making the most of your entire sales process. Master these pitch deck suggestions and you will be drawing up a transition plan in no time.

1. Consider Your Audience With Pitch Deck Design

A rookie mistake for small businesses and larger firms is not thinking about the client enough. This is true in both commercial and federal jobs.

Every part of your pitch should be an effort to present a solution to a government issue. Different departments and different procurements have different goals.

But each agency will be interested in hiring a professional company that can solve the task at hand. Your pitch deck design should focus on how you will both create solutions while adhering to the needs of the specific request.

2. A Team Approach

One of the biggest obstacles to a government award is lacking a solid team. Whether you’re planning on teaming with other companies or bringing the best talent from your own firm, a team approach is important.

While sales and marketing are essential for crafting a response, awarding officers know they’ll likely not be involved in the actual service award. By crafting a pitch deck to showcase the resources of your offer you will be more successful.

Your pitch deck should make room to showcase the members of your team. This will build confidence in your ability to perform, as well as your technical understanding of the procurement.

3. Consider the Competition

By the time you get to the pitch you should be aware of your competition. Some research on your competing businesses can help you make a case for your business.

First off, know there is going to be competition. An occurrence such as a hurricane season can bring over $600 million in new contract awards.

If you’re competing against a huge company you may want to highlight the personal touch of your business. The name of the game at this phase is competitive differentiators.

Highlight how you are unique and a better fit to win that work.

Find the Opportunities You Need

One of the biggest benefits of government contracting is that it can transform a business. Government contracting will help provide a solid base of overhead support for any company.

At the same time, government contracting can help many businesses refine their approach to back office functions. By adhering to the specifications of government bids you can learn how to support large-scale contracts in the commercial sector as well.

Your staff will perfect transition processes, quality assurance, reporting, operations, and account management with the right government contracts.

Make sure you’re finding the perfect match for your company’s strengths. Contact TendersPage now to learn more about our service and support for companies.

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