5 Grant Writing Tips to Help Secure Government Funding

grant writing tips
grant writing tips

The federal government, through various federal departments and agencies, as well as state and local governments, offers grants to various deserving businesses. Grants.gov maintains a list of over 1,000 federal grant programs your business can apply to.

Sounds interesting, right?

Well, not quite. Competition for government grants is extremely fierce. There are several thousands of businesses all vying to get a small piece of the funds.

To enhance your chances of winning a grant, you have to write an exceptional grant proposal. In this article, we’re giving you top grant writing tips to enable you to craft a standout application.

1. Understand the Requirements

The journey to writing a winning grant proposal doesn’t even begin on your writing pad or word processing software! It begins with an in-depth research to understand the application requirements of the specific grant program you’re eyeing.

As you already know, there are over 1,000 government grant programs. Of these, your business may only qualify for a handful.

You’ve to find out which department or agency is in charge of that program. If you’re a science startup developing a space technology, you’ll easily qualify for NASA grants.

Next, identify the application requirements. Some grants are only open to organizations that have been in business for a certain amount of time or are engaged in certain activities.

Even if you write a killer grant application, it will amount to nothing if you don’t meet the requirements. This will also prevent you from asking for $200,000 when the maximum grant is $100,000!

2. Get Grant Writing Tips from Organizations That Have Done It Successfully

The chances of being government-funded are slim. The success rate for many programs is typically below 20 percent!

This then takes us to the second of our grant writing tips: learn from those who have won the same grant you’re seeking. It’s easy to find this information, as many grant providers publish the winners on their websites.

Reach out to one or two winners and learn what they did right. This way, you’ll know what the agency looks out for.

You can also call the granting body and ask for tips.

3. There Are Important Hints in the Grant Program Description

The granting body will have a description of the program and what it seeks to achieve in the long-term. Read this description carefully and take note of the key terms or phrases. They will define how you word your application.

For instance, if the agency says it doesn’t fund technology initiates, avoid using the word technology in your application, even if your business isn’t seeking funding for a technology project.

4. Tell Your Story, Explain Your Problem, and Provide the Solution

At the end of the day, it’s humans who approve or reject grant applications.

As such, your ability to tell a story must be impeccable. Through writing, you must be able to evoke emotion and thought. You should be able to connect your story to the problem your organization is trying to solve. This problem must also align with the problem the granting body aims to solve.

Finally, provide a logical solution to the problem. Often, the winning applicants are those who promise to provide the best solutions to the problem.

5. It Pays to Use a Grant Writing Agencies

Like most skills, grant writing takes time and practice to perfect. If you don’t put research and effort into it, you’re unlikely to score a win in your first few attempts.

For this reason, don’t shy away from using the services of a grant writing agency as your build your in-house team. An agency that has been in the game for a while and helped many businesses win grants can deliver the resultants you want.


Grants are an ideal source of business funding.

The problem, though, is they don’t come by easily. You have to write a great grant application to stand a good chance. Thanks to this post, you now have the tips you need to stand out from the pack and get that money.

As you search for the ideal grants, don’t forget to also look into government tenders, which are lucrative opportunities for businesses.

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