Government Contracting Jobs– How the Federal Government Buys from Small Businesses


Government Contracting Jobs – points to remember:

  1. Federal government contracting gives small business access to nearly $100 billion in sales to small businesses. You can acquire the know how easily and get all the help you need by accessing the learning center on

Then move on to “Part 3: How to sell to the Government” and for other insights and tools, go to SBA’s Learning Center for its government contracting resources.

2. Don’t forget: it’s very important to find out whether your business actually qualifies for government contracts as a small business concern. This new SBA Size Standards Tool can help you decide.

3. Micro-purchases with credit cardsYou can get pay rapidly and easily for Jobs under $3000 (micro-purchases) and do not require competitive bids. Agencies can simply paid by credit card. This segment represent about 19 billions.

Search For Micro-Purchases With TendersPage, Just add your State and your keywords


4. Simplified acquisition procedures: Purchases under $150,000 can use simplified purchasing procedures that involve less paperwork and fewer approval levels.

Search For simplified acquisition procedures contracts With TendersPage, Just add your State and your keywords


5. Useful Information

Selling to the Government – Get Started with these 5 Steps

Selling to the Government – 4 Tips for Meeting and Building Relationships with the Right People

Government Contracting Made Easy: SBA Introduces A New 8(a) Training Course For Small Businesses

Original article by Caron Beesley (SBA Contributor)

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