How To Find Bid Partners With OLIA


How often have you run into this situation? You’re hunting for government procurements, and you find one that would be ideal for your company. But it’s a major project that’s too big for your company to take on by itself. You’d like to find other company to join you as a bid partner, but nobody in your network can do it at the moment. What are you going to do?

Till now, there hasn’t been anything to do except for shrug to yourself and say, “Well, maybe we’ll have better luck next time.” You shake your head, take a sip of coffee, and go back to hunting for tenders.

How much business has slipped right through your fingers that way? Would you be interested in hearing about a way to avoid having this experience again?

Well, if you are, I’m happy to introduce you to OLIA. OLIA is a service from TendersPage that allows you to network and communicate with companies that are looking for bid partners. With OLIA, you can build your network and form business relationships both regionally and across the globe.

OLIA is a first of its kind offering available only from TendersPage. If you’re interested in learning more, just read on to find out.

How Can OLIA Help My Business Find Bid Partners?

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of how you can use OLIA, let’s talk a little about what OLIA can do for you. As you read along, you’ll find out more about how the system works and how to use it.

Of course, the main use for OLIA is to help you find bid partners, land more extensive contracts, and grow your business. But it can also help you pool your strengths and skills with other companies. If your company is very strong in one department, you can team up with a company that’s weaker in that area, and vice versa. The goal is to help you form mutually beneficial business partnerships that play to both companies’ strengths.

With the tools available on OLIA, you can improve your communications with other companies. When it comes to growth, is there anything more important than forming the right lasting relationships? So when you use OLIA proactively, you can build a connected network of companies to partner with, both now and in the future. Even if you don’t end up partnering with this or that company on a bid, the relationships you build can give you more options in the future.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Well, in the next section I’m going to tell you a little more about what it will be like when you actually use OLIA.

How Do I Use OLIA?

One of the most important things you need to know about using OLIA is that it maintains your business’s anonymity. When you’re using the OLIA interface, the only thing other users will see is a nickname you’ve selected and a flag indicating your country of origin. With OLIA, you’re in control of your information and nobody learns who you are until you’re ready to tell them.

OLIA is available whenever you view the details of a tender on TendersPage. You’ll see a list of companies that have received the same request for procurement.

When you use OLIA, you can contact the companies that received the call for tenders both publicly and privately. Public messages are visible to all the companies involved, and private messages are only visible to you and the person you’ve sent the message to.

This way, you get to take care of your negotiations and discussions without sacrificing your privacy. When you use OLIA, you control what other businesses can see, and you decide when to let them in on the details of yourself and your business. With OLIA from TendersPage, you’re in charge of the process and you decide what other businesses need to see in order to make the best bid you possibly can.

How Can I Get Access to OLIA And Find Bid Partners?

By now you’re interested in OLIA and you’re wondering how you can get the chance to use it. That’s the best part: OLIA is available without any additional charge with your TendersPage membership.

With OLIA, you can build up a solid business network and form partnerships that play to your company’s strengths. You can address potential bid partners both publicly and privately. You can be sure of your company’s privacy until you’re ready to share your information. Most importantly, you can find partners to give you a chance at winning contracts you could never have gotten any other way.

All it takes to get access to OLIA is a TendersPage membership. It’s a highly valuable, easy to use, and potentially very profitable service that gives your business the support and flexibility it needs to grow. OLIA is an indispensable service, and what’s more, it’s free of charge with your membership to TendersPage.

So maybe you want to know a little more about TendersPage? Well, all right, I’ll tell you.

Why TendersPage?

So you’re interested in OLIA, but you’re not sure about TendersPage? Allow me to slip in a few words about that.

TendersPage offers the world’s largest public procurements monitoring service. With a massive database that gathers an average of 50,000 tenders every day, we’re your one-stop shop for public tenders and procurements.

You read that right. Fifty thousand a day, providing you with tenders from both here and around the globe. But if you’re interested in something on a more local level, we’ve got you covered. With our tiered membership system, you can choose to receive tenders on a local, regional, or global level.

Of course, once you find the right tender for you, you might want to get in touch with some other companies and find some bid partners. With this first of its kind system, OLIA allows you to find teaming partners at your own convenience and without sacrificing your company’s privacy. And best of all, you can use OLIA with no additional charge with your TendersPage membership.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and get in touch with some great companies to help you out as bid partners? Are you ready to build lasting business relationships? Are you ready to get access to the world’s largest public procurement database? Then give TendersPage a try. Remember: you deserve a tender today!

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