What’s the subscription process?

With the annual subscription, you’ll get 2 months free. However, if you choose the monthly payment plan, you’ll be able to stop your subscription at any time.

The full pricing page HERE

Standard plan:

  • one user can get local and state procurement
  • daily email notifications
  • access to the TendersPage search engine and
  • web dashboard,
  • delivery of important documents straight to your inbox.
  • private bidding chat room (called OLIA)

VIP plan:

  • everything in the Standard plan
  • one team and two users
  • access to procurement from your zone. (The TendersPage zones include North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa…)

Elite plan:

  • Everything in the Standard and VIP plan
  • two teams and five users
  • offers everything in the VIP plan
  • access to procurement from the whole world
  • twenty-four-hour support, and
  • access to history requests.  are allowed onto the database with the Elite plan.


(And in case you’re worrying the Elite plan is too small for your company: get in touch with us and we can work out a special policy just for you.)

What if we can’t afford TendersPage’s services?

You can choose to have access to one or many regions. Indeed, you can choose to target only one country (for a minimized budget). Budget will depend on the selected geographical areas.

Are there hidden fees?

Good new! You will not be charged an additional fee to download or forward a document. Everything is included in your payment plan, there are no hidden fees.

We are a small company, can we find bid partners on TendersPage?

Our platform is dedicated to all companies and it is possible to collaborate with other companies by getting in touch thanks to the internal chat (OLIA).

What’s OLIA? It’s a unique software that allows your organization to communicate with potential bid partners. This specialized feature is an exclusive TendersPage offering.

What are the TendersPage advantages?

Tenders sources are considerable: hospital websites, public administrations or specialized online platforms. Multiplication of sources makes monitoring of public procurement more complex. Thanks to its technology, TendersPage is able to manage these multiple sources

  • + 50,000 tenders, calls for proposals and award notices each day
  • 1700000 organizations worldwide
  • More than 2 million sourced markets
  • 260 covered countries
  • 46 covered languages

How do I find out about new tenders?

You can create search profiles in a few clicks. Choose your geographical area and type keywords depending on your business activity. You will then have access to relevant tenders. Once your search profiles are created, you will receive daily notifications about the posted public tenders. Then, choose those you’re interested in.

  • You’ll receive only one automatic email notification each day with all tenders detected (no being spammed by several daily alerts).
  • You’ll get real-time information when an opportunity appears.
  • The interface is very easy to use and offers many possibilities and features.

How do I search for bids in TendersPage?

Is it possible to see if other people are interested in a tender?

With the help of OLIA, our internal chat room, each tender presents the number of people who received the document and you can even get in touch with them to do a partnership. 

  • Internal messenger (to share tenders with your team)
  • External messenger (to get in touch with companies interested in the same tenders)

What can I do if I want more search results?

You can modify your search profile with negative keywords to get better and relevant results. Another way to maximize the chances to find good tenders is to create many profiles (depending on your subscription plan).

What if we are only interested in the local market?

You can target the country you’re located in.

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