Eurasanté, health sector in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais, focuses on international public procurement

Ten years ago, Eurasante, an economic development agency dedicated to the health sector in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais, discovered TendersPage, the world leader for international public procurements. Convinced by the completeness of more than 2 million of detected tenders, Eurasanté focuses on this solution, in order to complete its services portfolio. This will guarantee its 800 members to benefit from a globalized export accompanying offer.

At the start of the decade, as a specialist, Eurasanté deploys a service of a watch of public procurements by developing its own browser for sorting tenders and sending e-mails. The number of tenders is tremendous: hospital structure websites, public administrations or on-line specific platforms… The duplication of sources of on-line information makes it more complex the watch and the management of public procurements. Thanks to its technology, TendersPage is capable of managing its numerous sources and to deal with all the gathered public procurements. On the basis of the information given every day, the agency relays information to its subscribers. Thanks to its performance and to its customizable platform, TendersPage has become the most important agency’s partner and offers to health partners of the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais new opportunities to position itself on the international.

Nicolas Labadie, responsable Intelligence Economique et Expertise Eurasanté

Boost the exportation growth with the worldwide leader

Enabling a direct access to TendersPage, Eurasanté opens a gate to its accompanied companies for over 2 million investment projects and detected tenders, sorted out throughout the world. “Our goal is to provide personalized banking solutions which fully satisfy with issues of SME particularly when exporting. We have built a smart and virtuous partnership with TendersPage, so as to offer to health sector actors in our region, means to export” explains Nicolas Labadie, Eurasanté, Head of Intelligence Economic Expertise.


A performing and exhaustive watch system

After auditing different professional solutions to detect and manage public procurements, the regional economic development agency has finally chosen TenderspTendersPageage. “We have chosen this platform because it ensures completeness in terms of the thoroughness of surveyed sources, of volumes of proposed public procurements and of covered areas” indicates Nicolas Labadie. Market leader, the tenders tool search analyses in real time more than 15000 sources in 145 languages and detects 5 new markets a minute.


Precision and responsiveness: keys to a targeted and qualified information

Thanks to its great technology, TendersPage guarantees a very high responsiveness. The information is dealt within a record time and get to customers 24 hours after their releasing. This very quick transmission fosters clients competitivity who can position themselves as quickly as possible on international public procurements.

Eurasanté also highlights the precision of the information provided: “The platform TendersPage is really performing thanks to a very precise tool search as far as filters and sorting of tenders are concerned. It ensures a great accuracy of results. This performance associated with an incomparable exhaustivity of the surveyed sources entails a very original and irrefutable tool to back SME to export” precise Nicolas Labadie. The advanced tool search proposed by TendersPage works with a keywords system integrating associations and declinations efficiently. To this expertise, there is a dedicated support service composed of business units which support SME and helps them define their watch profile and the selection of keywords. Results filtering gives the actors of the health sector qualified and directly exploitable information in the frame of their exportation development.

This watch tenders system with an integrated management platform, is part of supporting SME offered by Eurasanté. Ready-made tool, it is a real success factor for health sector actors in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

A modulable at will management platform

However important they may be by their size or expertise, those actors need to a customized backing. TendersPage platform proposes a lot of tools helping the company manage the reply with tenders, from the constitution of a market portfolio to the constitution of candidacy files as well as the tracking of the responses. “Our relationship with TendersPage is based on a long-term partnership. The company listens to our needs and always settles solutions and remedies to improve the services” realize adds Nicolas Labadie. This trust-based relationship gives the opportunity to realize consolidated responses to tenders, enabling then many SME of the region to mutualise their expertise to position themselves on international public procurements and thus to be more attractive.

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