DoD Contractors: Understand DFARS Compliance with These 5 Steps

dfars compliance

Getting a government contract is a great way to expand your business.

However, before you can jump into earning some extra money for your business, you need to make sure your business is compliant with the strict guidelines the government has in place.

For Department of Defense (DoD) contractors, that means DFARS compliance. Keep reading to learn more about this and to see what steps you need to take to reach it.

What Is DFARS?

DFARS stands for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. It’s also known as the cyber DFARS clause 252.204-7012.

Because the DoD deals with sensitive information, it’s essential for any company who has a contract with them to ensure that data is protected from cybercriminals.

DFARS set up guidelines to ensure every company with a DoD contract is taking the same extensive measures to protect sensitive information.

5 Steps to DFARS Compliance

While there aren’t many steps to reach DFARS compliance, each one may be somewhat involved. Be prepared to take your time so you can gain all the advantages of a DoD contract.

1. Know if You Need to Be Compliant

Obviously, if you don’t need to be DFARS-compliant, there’s no need to put in the effort. However, if you want to earn any additional income for your business through DoD contracts, then you will need to ensure compliance.

All businesses that earned any money through the Department of Defense are expected to be DFARS-compliant. So, if you’re preparing for such a contract, you’ll also need to meet these requirements to get started.

2. Fill Out the Cybersecurity Questionnaire

Check with the DoD to get a cybersecurity questionnaire. This will help them see that you are in a position to protect any sensitive information you may come into contact with.

However, this questionnaire alone is not enough to prove DFARS compliance which is why you’ll need to follow the next three steps as well.

3. Conduct a Self-Assessment

There are 110 controls you need to use to assess your company for compliance. Check each one to ensure your company is prepared to be compliant. You’ll also use these in the next step.

4. Develop a System Security Plan

The other part of proving your compliance with the DoD is creating a system security plan (SSP). This plan should show the exact steps you are already using and will be using to become DFARS-compliant.

5. Begin Implementing Security Plan

Once you have the plan, you need to immediately implement it. Once it’s fully in place, you can show how it’s working to the DoD to get contracts with them.

At this point, you may also need to go back and do another self-assessment or get an external assessment done to show that your SSP is working as it should be.

Need Additional Information on Government Contracts?

Now you know what DFARS compliance is and the five steps you need to take to achieve it. As you can see, this can help you grow your business exponentially.

If you want additional information on getting government contracts for your business, be sure to check out this article that will help you determine whether or not your business qualifies.