Common Mistakes to Avoid When Bidding on a Government Contract

bidding on government contractsIn the world of contracts and proposals, there’s nothing that beats bidding on government contracts.

People across all industries love government contracts because they’re an excellent way to make money. There’s also the possibility of long-term work, and the potential to work with other branches of government.

Government contracts can make or break businesses. And they’re also very to lose entirely if you don’t go about bidding the right way.

Mistakes To Avoid When Bidding On Government Projects

As soon as the RFP hits your desk you’re ready to bid and get to work. The eager attitude is good, but it could cost you.

Even the easiest government contracts to win can be lost because of careless mistakes.

Go into bidding with a clear head, and make sure to avoid these common mistakes in the process.

Neglecting The Details

You’re confident that you’re going to win the bid on the latest contract you’ve come across. You’ve devoted at least two weeks of employee resourcing to securing the bid and have spent countless hours doing research.

When you’re turned down for the contract, you’re crushed. But when you read the original RFP, you notice that you neglected to notice that you don’t specialize in a specific service the agency needs.

When business owners see the opportunity to win a government project, they can make the mistake of rushing to bid and can overlook important details.

Take time to carefully read over every potential RFP that comes across your desk. You may find that certain projects aren’t right for your business.

Casting Too Wide Of A Net

There are over 430 government departments and agencies you could work for. There’s a lot of opportunities for businesses to win contracts. But if you want to have a chance to win bids, don’t try to win contracts for any agency you find.

Take time to learn about different agencies, and see which ones would be a good fit for your business. Agencies will have different needs, and you may find that one has more of a need for your business than others.

Be sure to check out the forecasting section on each agency’s website. It can give you an idea of how much money they have to spend and can help you gauge how likely it is for you to win a bid.

Appearing Unprofessional

Looking like a professional is more than showing up to meetings in a suit and tie. A big part of professionalism is presentation, and that can go beyond how you look.

Do you have proper business cards to give out after meetings? Are your emails and other written communications grammatically correct and typo free? Is your proposal properly formatted?

You could easily a lucrative deal by neglecting your professional appearance. Take time to ensure that you have everything you need to look professional when you’re taking bids.

Next Steps

Now that we’ve given you some advice on bidding on government contracts, you may be interested in other ways to work with the government.

You may not win a government contract, but you could get a government grant. Check out our post on how to write grants so you can get the money you need.

We’re also here to help you whenever you need it. Please contact us so we can help answer any questions you may have.

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