5 Companies That Get the Biggest Government Contracts

government contractors

There are many tips for winning tenders from the government. Some companies are so good at it that they’re now the biggest government contractors. That’s not an easy feat.

Aside from strict regulation and steep competition, contracting with the government is beneficial. For one, the pay is very high. Secondly, businesses have flexibility in their operations. That means they can decide to continue or stop working for the government when the contract ends.

Moreover, contracting boosts the growth of small businesses. This includes those run by women and disabled people. Officials also choose the contract winners quickly.

So, which companies have mastered the art of working as government contractors? Keep reading to find out.

Top Government Contractors in the U.S.

The federal contract spending is over 450 billion dollars every year. As of March, this year, the government had spent two hundred billion dollars. With all that money at stake, some companies have become very good at procuring contracts.

Here are the five biggest government contractors in the business:

1. Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is an aerospace and defense company based in Maryland. Its contracts with the government amounted to more than 46 billion dollars last year. In a way, you could say it is tied to the government since it serves many agencies.

The company is handling the fighter jets program for F-16s, F-22s, and F-35s. It is making military equipment and arms such as radar and guided missiles. It also processes information for law enforcement, IRS, and other federal agencies.

2. The Boeing Company

Boeing is a commercial plane manufacturer and a top government contractor. It made more than 25 billion dollars last year working with the government. One of its current top deals is building new Airforce One planes.

Its other work includes aerospace and defense systems development. They make guided missiles, ammunition, and explosives. They also build communications and radar equipment.

3. Raytheon

Raytheon is a defense contractor. Last year’s earnings from the government were more than 14 billion dollars. It provides weapons, guided missiles, and missile defense systems.

It also develops satellite sensors, radar, and digital communications systems. Its radioactive detection tools allow federal agents to screen such materials better.

Moreover, it has a hand in air traffic control systems. It even provides professional services and operates government buildings.

4. BAE Systems

Despite being a British company, BAE Systems has several deals with the U.S. government. It made more than 12 billion dollars last year. The company does shipbuilding, marine equipment development, and non-nuclear ship repairs.

It also provides ammunition, explosives, weapons, and defense systems. Some of its other work involves aerospace aircraft services. This can involve developing components or handling the launching and landing aspects.

5. Northrop Grumman Corporation

Northrop Grumman Corp. is another defense contractor dealing in aerospace and military technology. Its contract with the government last year was more than 11 billion dollars. It makes weapons, missiles, ammunition, and explosives.

It builds military planes such as the B-2 Spirit strategic bomber. It also builds spacecraft, military systems, and laser systems. It even makes unmanned air vehicles such as the RQ-5 Hunter.

Plus, it provides equipment installation, maintenance, and repair services. It also offers training services to military personnel.

Learn More About Finding Public Procurement Tenders

As you can see, working as government contractors can be very lucrative. Even so, it comes with a big responsibility to deliver the goods or services you promised. As such, you have to understand what contracting with the government entails.

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